Sunday, August 7, 2016


I decided that because I want to grow my blog into a brand, Blogger might not be for me. Follow my NEW blog and comment on the new blog if you came from here. Thanks!

Stay warm and fuzzy!

Spamming your way to fame?

I was scrolling through Instagram this morning, and I saw one of my favourite YouTuber's new post. I thought "Hmm what do people actually comment on famous people's pictures." So I checked. I expected to see nice uplifting comments about how much they loved and supported them. But no. All I saw was comments promoting THEMSELVES! "Go check out my cool feed" or "Hey new YouTuber here come check out my channel." As soon as I read through about 40 of these comments, I realized how selfish people are these days.

I mean yes, I totally understand how you might want people to see your YouTube channel or blog. You might be new, and need some people to see your content. But commenting about YOURSELF on other things that aren't for you? That doesn't seem right. Think about all the people whose picture's you're commenting on. They're probably sick and tired of getting spam comments. They are people who worked hard for their subscribers and followers. I'm not saying the spammers don't work hard, I'm just saying it'll feel more worth it when people find you for your content, and not from scrolling through other people's comments.

Instead, why can't people find sites for people who WANT to find new things. Such as the site I found it even before I started blogging, and have fallen in LOVE with it. There are so many diverse people and blogs you can find. I find myself reading blog after blog for hours because of this site. And the thing is, this is a site specifically for finding new bloggers. It's not spamming, it's actually working for your followers. And I love that.

Thanks for reading today, and check out for more blogs like mine and other kinds as well

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Saturday, August 6, 2016

Life of Kiwi

So.... this is a blog. Huh cool. As you can probably tell, I've never really blogged before. For the past 13 years I've been a girl who had a passion for writing and kept diaries including life stories. I've taught myself and learned life lessons from all of that. But about a year ago, for whatever dumb reason, I stopped. I didn't keep a diary anymore and sort of gave up on writing. And since then my life has pretty much crumbled before my very eyes. So, I'm back and better than ever. But this time, my diary is a blog, that everyone can see.

Since this is an introductory, I might as well say a few things about myself. I'm 13, going on 14 on the first of September. I am a huge fan of The Walking Dead, even though my personality is quite girly. I guess you could say I have several personalities. Shockingly, I love school. Its pretty rare to find kids who concider school their second home, but I do. I'm starting high school in exactly 1 month though, so my thoughts on school will probably change. I love photography,  writing, and super cheesy things like fireworks and sunsets. I always say my life is like a cheesy rom-com, without the romance.

So that's pretty much the sum of who I am. I'm not perfect, by far, but I'm glad. Because if I was perfect, I wouldn't have any interesting things to blog about. I'm imperfectly imperfect, and that's totally alright with me.

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